Connected Health: Redefining the Patient-Provider Relationship Using Secure-Mail

With the emergence of new digital tools, the patient-provider relationship is evolving, and the expectation for healthcare teams to communicate using patient-centred platforms is becoming more prominent.

Barriers to Adopting Communication Innovations in Healthcare

For most, digital communications tools like email and text message are part of daily life, but for those of us who work in healthcare, privacycompliance and security must come before convenience and immediacy. Consequently, many clinics continue to sacrifice efficiency by using old and outdated healthcare communication systems, like fax and postal mail, mistakenly assuming that they are more secure than the modern alternatives available today.

Secure-Mail: the Patient-Centric Platform

While it is true that email is insecure, it isn’t the only option for healthcare communication in the digital age. Thousands of physicians, specialists, allied health professionals, and patients are improving the delivery of healthcare by sharing Protected Healthcare Information securely and efficiently with Brightsquid Secure-Mail.

Secure-Mail is transforming patient-provider relationships:

What can Secure-Mail be used for?

  • – Accelerate care through asynchronous team-based communication
  • – Share results
  • – Send lab requests
  • – Address concerns remotely
  • – Coordinate team care
  • – Request e-consults
  • – Consolidate records
  • – Increase treatment adherence
  • – Acquire patient feedback
  • – Pre-appointment questionnaires
  • – Detailed appointment reminders/scheduling
  • And so on…

Start Using Secure-Mail for Secure Messaging Today

Brightsquid makes sharing patient information faster, easier, and more compliant than ever before. For more information on how you can get started with our secure, medical-grade messaging platform, contact us today