Clinicians & Staff Rank Brightsquid Secure-Mail The Fastest Way to Communicate

When we surveyed over 12,000 Secure-Mail users to find out how our secure messaging service compares to phone, fax, and mail in convenience, efficiency, functions, and ease-of-use, clinicians and staff were clear that Secure-Mail stands out on top. 

Brightsquid Solves Interoperability of Care

Secure-Mail is a privacy compliant communications service for exchanging patient data amongst health care teams, and can even include the patient. Secure-Mail streamlines communications into a single easy-to-manage channel, giving clinics the ability to share, track, and control email messages in easily searchable threads.

Electronic communications are critical for the speed they bring, but with the growing risk of security breaches, you need to know your clinic’s highly confidential information is being shared safely. Our survey showed that Secure-Mail is not only the safest means of communication, but it’s also the most efficient next to faxing and conventional mail, and the least time consuming compared to phone, fax, and mail.

Key findings:

  • 56% of staff said Secure-Mail is very easy to use
  • 57% of staff said Secure-Mail is not time consuming
  • Only 2% of staff said Secure-Mail is very time consuming
    • 10% said mail is very time consuming
    • 14% said fax is very time consuming
    • 22% said mail is very time consuming
  • Clinicians recognize Secure-Mail as the fastest way to communicate with other clinics compared to fax, mail, and phone

Based on our research, here are the three primary reasons clinics and their clients rely on Brightsquid Secure-Mail to protect their privacy and effectively streamline their communications processes.

Secure-Mail is a Reliably Confidential Way to Communicate 

Traditional email isn’t safe. It has become the number one entry point for cyber attacks in healthcare. And now, fax machines open your clinic to vulnerability, too. Once a clinic has suffered a privacy breach, they typically lose 30-70% of their patients, along with trust within the industry.

Whether you’re accessing Secure-Mail on your phone or your computer, your data is secured with 256-bit encryption, and our system blocks ransomware and other viruses from getting onto your clinic’s network.

Clinics that use Secure-Mail instead of traditional email immediately establish trust with new patients and industry partners.

Secure-Mail Requires No Training to Get Started

Secure-Mail looks and feels exactly like the most popular email services (Gmail and Outlook), so new users know how to use it as soon as they login the first time. It’s the best way to streamline all of your communications onto one platform. Secure-Mail can reach anyone, and can replace any mode of communication with enhancements like read receipts, clinic inbox, and message recall.

Whether used for internal or external communications, Brightsquid Secure-Mail is ranked the least time-consuming way to manage communications. 53% of users agree that it’s the easiest way to exchange messages between colleagues. It’s incredibly simple to invite anyone – from other clinics or labs to new patients – to communicate on the platform, and your messages are easily tracked in threads.

Secure-Mail is rated the most efficient way to communicate with other clinics in the care team. Only 3% of users said Secure-Mail is very time consuming, compared to 12% for phone, 15% for fax, and 21% for mail.

Clinicians and Staff Say Secure-Mail is More Convenient

From appointment scheduling and management, pre-visit forms or questionnaires, lab requisitions, or patient appointment follow-ups, there are many ways to use Secure-Mail and integrate it into both your external and internal procedures. With Secure-Mail’s shared inbox, communication becomes easier to manage within your team. Anyone with assigned access can view messages and immediately know if it has been triaged, or if it still needs to be dealt with.

Traditional mail and fax are seen as the most time-consuming communication channels within a clinic, and a pain point amongst staff.

Over 40,000 clinics use Brightsquid Secure-Mail for maximum information security, efficiency, and business continuity. By upgrading your fax machine, stamps, and insecure email processes to Brightsquid Secure-Mail, you’ll be protecting your and you’ll receive the added benefit of blocking malicious viruses that can shut down your clinic and threaten the confidentiality of your patients’ information.

Use Secure-Mail to create a strong and trustworthy bond with your patients and partners within the industry. To learn more about Brightsquid Secure-Mail service, or to discuss the on-going privacy needs of your clinic, contact us today at