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Fast, Easy, and Compliant Clinical Communications

Streamline communications, automate repetitive tasks, optimize appointment management while ensuring the highest standards of security for your sensitive healthcare data. Brightsquid Secure-Mail is a comprehensive solution for making clinic management easier and more efficient. Plus, you’ll elevate your privacy efforts with Privacy Breach Prevention training and unique breach avoidance features that equip your team with the knowledge skills, and tools needed to properly safeguard patient data. Your efficiency and patients’ privacy are our priorities.

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From improved efficiency and reduced costs to enhanced data security and a higher level of patient privacy protection, there’s a long list of benefits clinic managers enjoy with the Brightsquid Clinic Performance Plan.

Streamlined Healthcare Workflows

Large file attachments, automated read receipts, and traceable messaging, enable efficient communication among healthcare professionals for quicker decision-making and better coordination, enhancing patient transitions throughout the circle of care.

Cost-Efficient Healthcare

Clinics save over $5,000/year with optimized resource allocation, reduced overhead, and improved staff and clinician productivity by eliminating waste and simplifying encounter preparation.

Data Security and Compliance

Brightsquid ensures compliance with data protection regulations in North America, such as those outlined in the HIPAA and PIPEDA, and prevents the most common privacy breaches caused by user error and cyber attacks.

Breach Prevention and Training

The comprehensive privacy breach prevention training provided by Brightsquid equips clinic staff with critical knowledge and skills to handle patient data responsibly and maintain confidentiality.