Clinic Innovator Series: Getting Patients the right information

Providence Pediatric knows that care does not stop when the appointment is over. When patients or caregivers receive a treatment plan or diagnosis of their child, they often have questions or concerns afterwards. Requiring a visit or scheduled phone call to address new questions or concerns can raise anxiety and delay care to negatively impact patient outcomes.


When a new patient joins Providence Pediatric, they are invited to use Secure-Mail with them as part of the clinic process to stay connected and continue patient care after the appointment. Dr. Frank Dicke says “When we let our patients know they can connect with us through this platform and ask any questions to try and relieve their anxieties, they feel more comfortable with continuing the conversation”. He also says that with this tool, parents of patients are very respectful of the clinic’s time and addressing the secure messages are considerably less than via telephone.

Watch the full webinar to learn more about how Dr. Dicke uses Secure-Mail to effectively and efficiently get patients the right information and improve outcomes without increasing workload.