Brightsquid User Group 15: Automatic Privacy Breach Prevention

Nobody’s perfect. Human error is a factor in 88% of data breaches. 

The use of email is behind many of those errors. 94% of cyber attacks start through email and putting a list of patient email addresses in the To field instead of BCC is in the top 10 non-cyber related breaches. 

Policies around email use are important, but processes leave room for mistakes in busy environments. Brightsquid Secure-Mail prevents those mistakes from ever happening.

“Breaches caused by poor email practices, whether that be sending emails to the incorrect recipient or the accidental sending of group emails without using the Bcc function, are some of the most common recorded by organizations.” 

– Data Protection Officer Resource Centre

In this User Group Meeting we explain how common privacy breaches inevitably happen and demonstrate how using your Secure-Mail account instead of email automatically protects the patient information in your care.

Watch to learn how using Secure-Mail instead of email:

  1. Prevents ransomware
  2. Eliminates the risk of exposing patients in a group or bulk send
  3. Blocks phishing attacks
  4. Keeps spam from cluttering your inbox
  5. Helps you fix sending mistakes

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