Brightsquid Secure-Mail Tutorial: Read Receipts

When sharing patient records, information on a diagnosis, patient follow-ups, pre-visit forms, appointment reminders, and lab results, it can be useful, and even critical, to close the loop with concrete knowledge that your intended recipient has viewed your message. Read receipts can determine if a follow-up or escalation is in order, and can help you better streamline your communication with colleagues and patients.

To find out if your Secure-Mail message has been read, select it in your sent messages folder. Notice the indicator box next to the recipient’s name. An orange box means the message has not been read, and a green checkbox means it has been viewed. You can even hover over the recipient name to see the time and the date it was first viewed.

Watch our video tutorial:

You’ll see Secure-Mail goes above and beyond fax and traditional email by providing certainty that your message was read (or not).

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