Brightsquid Integration Update: Message Telus EMRs Directly

Your Secure-Mail account connects you into Canada’s most unified clinical communications network. Brightsquid users exchange messages with thousands of TELUS Health EMR users that are connected through the MedDialog service. It’s another way you can improve healthcare communication.

MedDialog is an electronic messaging tool that enables digital communications with healthcare professionals directly from a TELUS Health EMR patient record.

Connect to more members of your healthcare community:
The MedDialog network integration expands the Brightsquid Secure-Mail directory to thousands of providers across Canada. You can identify TELUS MedDialog users by this + envelope icon next to their listing:

Use this integration to collaborate on patient cases with other clinics in your healthcare community. The Secure-Mail/MedDialog integration enables eConsultations, transfers of care, to expedite clinical communications by replacing fax, phone, and mail.