Brightsquid Improving Patient Care Across North America

Nine years ago, Deepak Kaura, Chief Radiologist at Alberta Children’s Hospital, was working to diagnose an infant with a complicated set of needs. He wanted to get the opinion of other radiologists in Canada and time was of the essence. His only way to safely share this information was to burn the image to a DVD and courier it to his colleagues, a process that would take too long to help save the life of his patient. He was discussing this challenge with his friend, Rohit Joshi, a tech entrepreneur and local Albertan. “We know that to improve patient care, we have to improve clinical communications. Currently, the Canadian healthcare profession continues to rely on fax machines and couriers, non-compliant and unreliable tools that are outdated and inefficient. Continued use of fax machines poses the risk of private information being shared with the wrong people, and – in the most acute situations – specialists not getting the information they need to properly treat a patient in a timely fashion,” says Brightsquid CEO, Rohit Joshi. Teri Price knows all too well the cost of medical information not being shared appropriately. In 2011, her brother Greg was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which led to his passing in 2012, just 407 days later. A Health Quality Council of Alberta investigation of Greg’s case found that a number of miscommunications contributed to his untimely death. “We continue to tell Greg’s story to inspire positive change and improvement to the quality of heathcare we receive in Canada. Tools like Brightsquid can be used to ensure that what happened to Greg doesn’t happen to anyone else.” Today, over 100,000 clinicians and users in North America are using Brightsquid Secure-Mail, and over 1 million messages have been sent securely. “Canadians deserve to have the best possible heathcare system available to them. Brightsquid provides the security required for patient’s to communicate with their doctors, access their medical information and have their privacy protected,” says Joshi. To learn more about Brightsquid, please contact