Brightsquid Earns 5 Stars Across All Reviews

It’s important to know where you stand with your customers. To understand how well Brightsquid serving our users, we asked users for open and honest public-facing ratings and reviews on our Facebook page. So far, every rating is 5 Star, and the reviews provide an important insight into the benefit Brightsquid delivers to clinics across North America. Five critical benefits are clear in Brightsquid user reviews.

1. Privacy Protection and Regulatory Compliance

2. Clinic Efficiency

3. Ease of use and adoption

4. Responsive expert support

5. Secure large file transfer

While your idea of how these factors should rank may depend on your role within a clinic, each one is paramount to creating total clinic success. Let’s examine the importance of each, and look at what users had to say.

Privacy Protection and Regulatory Compliance:

The privacy of patient information is more than a regulatory directive, patient confidentiality is an ethical duty of every clinic employee. In addition to fulfilling that duty, clinics use Brightsquid to escape the glacial pace of treatment coordinated through out-dated means like fax, mail, courier, and voicemail. Of course, Brightsquid is also a great way to boost your level of regulatory compliance — so if HIPAA auditors come knocking, you can prove you’re taking steps to keep patient data confidential by never sharing it over traditional email. 

Brightsquid is audited regularly to ensure compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and other privacy legislation. We’ve all felt that cringe in the pit of our stomach when sending sensitive information over insecure channels like regular email, or even fax. Brightsquid users don’t have that feeling.

Liane at Yazdani Family Dentistry said, “It’s great to have a secure way to send information that is confidential without worry.”

Michael Lasky from Mae Dental added, “Brightsquid is the best solution we’ve found for sharing large files in a HIPAA compliant way.”

Sandra Duke told us the Brightsquid is, “a fantastic move toward secure patient communication.”

And Tyler Kerr at Palumbo Family Dentistry wrote, “We wanted a secure way to send patient communication to specialty offices and we could not be happier with what Brightsquid has provided us.

Clinic Efficiency:

Any service that can add efficiency to a clinic improves quality of life for clinicians, staff, and patients. Brightsquid streamlines clinic processes by removing manual steps such as printing, scanning, and mailing, while also greatly reducing time spent running circles in the phone.

Michael Lasky says that at the dental lab where he uses Brightsquid, “Quick turn around is paramount to providing a Doctor with what they want when they want it.” Mr. Lasky also said that because of the added message capabilities, “Brightsquid works better than Dropbox and a Doctor’s office understands email better than managing their own ‘cloud’.”

Ease of Use and Adoption:

Who has time for training? Any clinic has a hard time implementing new services that are overly complex – there just isn’t time. Your time should be spent ensuring any process adjustments are serving the health needs of your patients and helping your clinic be more effective rather than demonstrating core functionality again and again.

Liane at Yazdani Family Dentistry summed up the Brightsquid user experience in two simple words, “easy peasy.” 

That sentiment was echoed by Michelle from Spring Valley Dental who wrote, “Brightsquid Secure-Mail is super easy to use!”

Phyllis Speirs compares the Brightsquid user interface to the ease and familiarity of regular email saying, “Brightsquid has a great email format and is very user friendly.”

Expanding on Phyllis’s comparison to familiar email programs, Tyler Kerr wrote of Brightsquid that, “If you can navigate a Gmail account you will have no problem using their interface.”

Peter Moy from the UCLA School of Dentistry (where Brightsquid is used by established faculty and temporary CE students alike) spoke to how quickly users can get benefit out of Brightsquid Secure-Mail when he said, “Our attendees and faculty members have found using Brightsquid to be beneficial and easy to navigate.”

Compared to other services available, Peggy Bell prefers Brightsquid Secure-Mail. She said, “We looked at several encoding packages, and deal with several from other offices. BrightSquid seems the easiest and most efficient of any with which we have dealt.

Responsive Expert Support:

Your job is already clearly defined, and it shouldn’t include trouble shooting your secure-mail service. You and your staff will most likely need help at some point. And even though less than 1% of messages sent over Brightsquid Secure-Mail result in a request for support, we are dedicated to resolving all issues quickly. Our extreme efforts in supporting users do not go unnoticed.

Michelle Slaughter Wright said, “Tech support has always been awesome when we did have questions or a minor issue. Always resolves issues quickly!!”

Tyler Kerr called our support “top notch”, and added that our team is “always available to help and are very pleasant to work with.”

Michael Lasky appreciates that our team pays close attention to his individual needs. “Brightsquid has personalized top-shelf customer support. I work directly with a rep who knows my account and can help me if I need anything.

Secure Large File Transfer:

Sharing large imaging files for the purpose of clinical collaboration can be cumbersome. Preparing files by either printing them to stuff in an envelope, or transferring them to a CD or USB storage device to go in the mail or a courier bag is time consuming and expensive. You can attach 500MB files to a Brightsquid Secure-Mail message simply by searching your system, or dragging and dropping the file into a message. And, there’s no limit to the number of files subscribers can attach to each message.

The ability to easily attach large files makes an important difference for Michael Lasky and the dental lab. He said that, “By cutting out the additional day or two for delivery we can now offer a faster turnaround, a simpler protocol for a Doctor’s staff, all while securely backing up a patient’s CBCT data.”

Five stars and five key clinical benefits means Brightsquid is highly recommended.

Unanimous five star reviews are a high compliment. Even higher than that is putting your own reputation on the line by recommending Brightsquid services to a friend or colleague. We are honoured to hear that Brightsquid users trust us to hold the strength of their word secure.

Roberta from Dr. Tracey Mulhull’s office in Calgary described Brightsquid as “amazing” and added, “I highly recommend signing on this system.”

Both Sandra Duke and Ilya Sherman said that they highly recommend Brightsquid.

Tyler Kerr at Palumbo Family Dentistry said, “I only recommend products that I truly trust and believe in.” He concluded with, “I will continue to recommend their service to every dental office I work with.”

Your glowing reviews of Brightsquid humble us, and inspire us to keep providing compliant communications that deliver benefit to your entire clinic. Thank you for your kind words. To provide your own review of Brightsquid, visit our Facebook page.