Here’s how patients want to be involved with their healthcare

October 25, 2019

Here’s how patients want to be involved with their healthcare

It is extremely important for patients to know they can fully trust their healthcare providers, especially when it comes to handling their private health information. We surveyed hundreds of patients who use Brightsquid Secure-Mail with their providers to learn their perspectives on privacy and how Secure-Mail can best be used to fully engage them in their care.

Patients Recognize the Importance of Providers Protecting Their Information 

We asked patients how important is it to them that healthcare providers protect their privacy. Over 85% of them said it was very important.When asked if they’d like to communicate with multiple members of their healthcare team using Secure-Mail, almost 80% of patients answered yes. 50% of respondents admitted they know email is not a safe way to share private information and in the wrong hands, that information can be used to steal their identity.

Patients want to connect their entire health team to manage care through Secure-Mail.

Healthcare professionals beyond family doctor that patients want to connect with through secure email: 

  • Dentist (60%)
  • Pharmacist (56%)
  • Specialist (48%)
  • Optometrist (43%)
  • Physio (38%)
  • Chiropractor (35%)

Here’s why patients want to use Secure-Mail to communicate with their healthcare professionals: 

  • To get lab results (69%)
  • For appointment scheduling or reminders (47%)
  • To obtain or retain healthcare records or plan (46%) 
  • Prescription renewals (44%)

Patients want to be more involved in their healthcare 

Brightsquid allows for better two-way communication with patients and builds stronger patient and provider relationships. Patients say they feel more empowered using Brightsquid Secure-Mail because they are more active in their healthcare. In an interview, one patient expressed they wouldn’t use any other platform to communicate because of the risks and will deny healthcare provider that tries.

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