Announcement: Brightsquid unites your entire healthcare team

Every day in Alberta, patients get sicker because outdated or missing communication channels delay effective treatment. Recognizing the need for more efficient and secure communication across healthcare, Calgary-based Brightsquid Dental Ltd has expanded focus beyond dental to enable the quick exchange of critical information between all members of a patient’s healthcare team. This expanded focus is reflected in a name change to Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp., and a new brand identity that projects the company mission of empowering important conversations now dangerously absent in patient care.

“People put their faith in the healthcare system, not realizing, there is no system. Healthcare is delivered by a number of individual systems that are very poorly connected at best.” explained Bill Trafford, former EVP and Chief Development Officer at Alberta Health Services.

While Alberta has made progress in ensuring essential information is available to doctors, the fragmented structure of healthcare makes it difficult for clinicians to see the whole picture. Every patient touchpoint manages unique patient records, and patients are rarely included in communications about their treatment and care.

Brightsquid provides a single communication channel that collects and connects patient information in one secure location that is accessible to the entire healthcare team. Information shared safely using Brightsquid is easily uploaded and downloaded with comments and notes that help clinicians get the expert opinions they need in order to provide timely and effective patient care. Patients become active participants by owning their information and actively sharing results, diagnoses and treatment plans with their entire healthcare team.  

“For years, experts in healthcare have been saying we need to include the patient in the conversation. Yet, solutions healthcare organizations introduce rarely bring patients inside the circle of care as a collaborator,” pointed out Rohit Joshi, Brightsquid CEO. “We are uniting the whole health team around the patient and giving people the power to take the reigns of their own care. The new name and new logo demonstrate our commitment to illuminating dark issues through communication and empowering more voices in healthcare.”  

University of Calgary Clinical Assistant Professor and family practitioner with 27 years of experience, Dr. Norman Yee, described Brightsquid as a critical tool in his practice. “With Brightsquid secure communication, patients are full participants in their care and that is perhaps the most important concept in patient care – that they are at the heart of it, that we have empowered them to participate.”  

About Brightsquid Secure Communication Corp: In an industry that still considers Fax and phone state of the art, Brightsquid utilizes modern secure technology to share critical information safely. Brightsquid was founded in 2008 to provide a secure and regulatory compliant collaboration tool for healthcare providers. Since then Brightsquid has welcomed over 40,000 users across the healthcare spectrum and introduced communication products and services that have dramatically reduced wait times and accelerated treatment while protecting patient privacy to the letter of the law.