6 Cybersecurity Stats Every Clinic Must Know

There’s a big bullseye on healthcare when it comes to cybercrime.

For nearly a decade, data breaches have been costing the healthcare sector more than any other industry. Beyond the financial losses linked to breach incidents, healthcare providers experience disruptions of operations, reputational damage, and in some cases clinics are unable to recover from the devastating impacts.

To help clinics understand the current threat landscape, we’ve compiled six statistics that uncover how potentially disastrous it can be leaving your clinic vulnerable to cyber threats.
  1. 45% of ransomware attacks in 2017 affected healthcare. Attacks will quadruple by 2020.
  2. The number of dental offices hit by ransomware attacks and other malware attacks rose 165% in 2017.
  3. There is a 25% chance an unprotected clinic will be hacked in the next two years.
  4. 92% of malware is delivered by email (Luckily Brightsquid Secure-Mail blocks ransomware).
  5. 63% of data breaches are a result of stolen and weak credentials and passwords. By 2020, the estimated number of passwords used by humans and machines worldwide will grow to 300 billion.
  6. The average cost of recovery from ransomware is $408/patient record.

Take the risks of privacy breaches and cyberattacks seriously, don’t leave your clinic vulnerable. Cybersecurity is a significant business risk for healthcare providers. As the number of hacks and breaches continues to trend upward, organizations must take steps to protect themselves from 21st-century threats.

Brightsquid can help you protect your practice from new, ever-evolving threats with a full privacy risk assessment, privacy training, secure communications tools, and cyber insurance. Contact us today to learn more.