3 Ways Secure-Mail Saves Clinicians Time

It’s a known fact that when patients are more engaged in the healthcare process at your clinic, outcomes improve – and they’re more likely to return to your care.

However, communicating with patients can be time-consuming. Connecting with patients is necessary to manage care and organize appointments, but playing phone tag through voicemail and stuffing envelopes to mail forms and lab requests is time-consuming and expensive. If done poorly, or a step gets missed, the time of both the clinic and the patient will be wasted, and your risk for a data breach goes up exponentially.

Done more efficiently, enhanced patient engagement has major benefits to your clinic and achieves better health outcomes for your patients.

By upgrading your patient communications to Brightsquid Secure-Mail, you eliminate the wasted time staff spend on cumbersome tasks that take twice as long and aren’t nearly as efficient or secure. In a recent survey, we compared all primary clinical communication tools, and the overall consensus was that Secure-Mail is the least time-consuming method of all. Here’s why:

1. Secure-Mail Streamlines Communications

Secure-Mail is made to assimilate most of your communication into one seamless channel that is secure and efficient. Phone calls too often lead to a game of the dreaded phone tag and can’t include caregivers or other care team members, email is not a secure way to communicate. Fax is slow, resource intensive, and insecure in practice. Mail, well mail, takes too long to really be clinically relevant, costs too much, and eats up valuable staff time unnecessarily printing multiple documents and stuffing envelopes. According to our survey results, clinicians and staff agree that Secure-Mail is the most efficient way to communicate amongst care teams.

Here are a few ways you can utilize Secure-Mail at your clinic:

  • Send out eConsultations between primary care and specialists
  • Appointment scheduling, management, and reminders
  • Patient appointment follow up
  • Virtual visits that replace unnecessary office visits
  • Pre-visit forms and questionnaires
  • Send out lab requisitions
  • Deliver lab results

Printing forms to be mailed out, stuffing envelopes, waiting on hold, resending failed faxes and lost mail, these are all speed bumps that not only break the line of communication, but can also be high risk for a data breach to occur.

2. Avoid Costly Downtime with Secure-Mail

Data breaches cause downtime and focus clinician and staff time away from providing great patient care. Fax is a proven threat to data privacy and the integrity of security in your practice. Email is the primary way security threats like clinic-closing ransomware enters healthcare organizations. Secure-Mail ensures that your message is delivered to the right person, at the right time, with no chance of a cyber attack or failure in compliance. Plus, you can see exactly when your message is read by the intended recipient(s).

3. Stay Up To Date with Shared Inbox

The shared inbox makes it easy for every authorized staff member to have instant access to important clinic communications. This enables collaboration amongst the team, increases efficiency, and improves staff productivity by eliminating as much as 30% of phone traffic. 53% of users agree that Secure-Mail is the easiest way to exchange messages between colleagues, which gives you more time to focus on delivering care and enhancing your patients’ visits.

With the increase of privacy breaches and security threats, there is no room for vulnerabilities when your clinic’s confidential information is being passed around.

Over 30,000 clinics use Brightsquid Secure-Mail for maximum information security, efficiency, and business continuity. By upgrading to Secure-Mail from your fax machine, mail, and vulnerable email processes, you’ll not only be doing your practice a huge favour by protecting it from privacy breaches, but you’ll receive the added benefit of blocking all malicious viruses that can shut down your clinic and put your patients’ at risk. Create a strong, trustworthy bond with your patients and partners within the industry, learn more about Brightsquid Secure-Mail, or to discuss the on-going privacy needs of your clinic, contact us today sales@brightsquid.com.