Secure patient-centric communication

There is growing demand for greater patient access to health records and reliable information. Using Secure-Mail, physicians and patients can better coordinate care, strengthen relationships, save time, and speed the path to health.

Healthy fact:

80% of Canadians would take advantage of digital health solutions to:

  • View lab test results
  • View health records
  • View medication history
  • Book an appointment
  • Request prescription refills
  • Seek more information

Why communicate responsibly?

Using regular e-Mail to transmit patient information is NOT secure. Traditional methods such as fax, mail, and telephone are unreliable, slow, untrackable and insecure. Secure-Mail provides the security required to send protected health information to every stakeholder in patient health while expediting communication workflows.

Healthy fact:

It is estimated that thousands of health-related privacy breaches go unreported each year in the province of Ontario alone.

Include patients in patient care

Upgrade to the clinical collaboration platform that lets you send secure messages between healthcare professionals and those who need access to information most, patients.

  • HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant secure messaging
  • Keep your current e-Mail address
  • 500MB file attachments (not a typo)

Healthy fact:

Patient access to secure patient-physician messaging reduces the number of primary office visits and telephone contacts, reserving clinic visits for those who need them most.

Improve access to healthcare

Get remote access to your healthcare communications with the security protection you need. Safely access Brightsquid Secure-Mail from your phone, tablet, or laptop in or out of the office.

Send patients appointment information, billing details, test results, prescription refills, treatment plans, and answers to questions. All in a way that complies with privacy laws.

Patients - Get answers to follow-up questions, request refills, track referrals, and more without ever seeing the waiting room.

Healthy fact:

By accessing lab results and requesting prescription renewals through secure email Canadians can:

  • Avoid 47 Million visits to the doctor’s office each year, freeing up clinic time for more pressing concerns.
  • Save approximately 70 Million hours of time otherwise spent visiting the doctor.

Access and share patient records and information in one secure inbox

Secure-Mail includes the whole health team by allowing you to share patient files, results, and opinions with collaborators and keep each other updated on treatment progress.

Patients — Access, manage, and share communications from all of your healthcare practitioners in one central location.

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Patient Privacy Protects Your Practice

We know that isn't the most exciting thing to talk about, but it is one of the most important.

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