Who uses Brightsquid?

Brightsquid is the trusted leader in secure communication, providing a HIPPA compliant e-Mail solution for all healthcare providers including medical offices, dentists, specialists, and labs.

Where did the name Brightsquid come from?

Brightsquid was born from the need to share medical images with colleagues around the world in a way that was fast and compliant with privacy laws that protect patient information. One of our founders, a radiologist, drew a diagram of his idea and saw that it resembled either a spider or a tentacled sea creature. Around that time he became aware of a bio luminescent squid.As the service was bringing illumination to healthcare by making information more accessible, the name Brightsquid just made sense.

Does Brightsquid comply with regulations?

Yes. Brightsquid is audited several times a year by third parties and partners to ensure continued compliance with HIPAA, PIPEDA, and the HIA as well as other important regulations. Our service is also accepted as compliant by the OIPC in Alberta.

Can I use Brightsquid when I am away from the office?

Yes. Brightsquid is a web-based service accessible anywhere through modern web browsers including on your mobile phone or tablet.

Can I try Brightsquid prior to purchasing a subscription?

Yes. Our sales or support team can arrange a demonstration of Brightsquid, and we can give you access to your own free account to test alignment of our service with you processes. Anyone invited to collaborate with a current subscriber gets free access to our service as well.

Is training available?

Training is part of every new subscription. Most users discover that our secure email service is very user friendly as it is closely modeled after some of the most widely used email services in the world. Our support center and knowledge base provide detailed guides on how Brightsquid service and features are used.

What is Brightsquid?

Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp. delivers modern communications services that help healthcare teams share patient information more quickly and easily than ever before. Closely modeled after email, Brightsquid Secure-Mail connects all members of any healthcare team including patients, to accelerate care through increased access to information. The result is greater access to care and increased care quality.