Customer Stories

We are committed to our customers and are proud to be serving over 10,000 users around the world. Here is what a few of our customers are saying about us.

Dr. Russell K. Kirk on Doctor to Specialist Communication in Dentistry

Tennessee Implant and Oral Surgery

"We needed to provide our referring doctors with a secure and easy way to send x-ray and referral information. We are always looking for ways to improve our service to both our patients and referring doctors. Secure-Mail protects our patient's sensitive information and simplifies the referring process."

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Dr. Barry R. Franzen, DDS on Secure Communication Using Brightsquid

Milwaukee Dental Implants

"Brightsquid has been an indispensable addition to our communication methods with our referrals. Keeping all members of the implant team on the same page is critical for predictable outcomes. The surgical, restorative and implant teams can easily communicate throughout the entire course of therapy with the use of Brightsquid software. Predictable outcomes are the norm as the software keeps everybody up to date as to the patient's progress in a HIPAA compliant, instantaneous manner."

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Dr. Eoin O'Neill on Dentistry and Patient Privacy in Ireland

O'Neill Dental Care in Dublin Ireland - Clear Braces

"We have a need to share data safely, which Brightsquid absolutely does 100%. It also offers us great potential to grow our Clear Braces business."

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Dr. Carl Johnson DDS on HIPAA Compliant Communication

Pacific Northwest Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

"I would definitely recommend Brightsquid. It's HIPAA capable, that's one feature we have been worrying about particularly with all the new federal regulation about HIPAA compliance and privacy. I know all these areas are being enforced more. It also gives a sense of confidence with our patients when we explain to them how we are transmitting their medical records and medical information to other doctors and other venues."

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Dr. Michael Doherty DDS on Secure Patient File Sharing

Rogue Valley Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

"I would certainly recommend Brightsquid to any doctor, especially any specialist in the dental field. It really provides a valuable way to share information to truly make your referral base part of your team providing treatment to patients. It is quite an easy way to share this information."

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Dr. Dean Vafiadis DDS on Digital Dentistry

New York Smile Institute

Dear Brightsquid,
"Thank you so much for this technology!!!
Finally someone figured out to combine my photos, lab cases and digital files in one digital software. The staff loves it and the surgeons and I can finally track our patients and all their phases of treatment. This is the best thing since Dropbox!!
It's like Facebook for TEETH!!!"

Mr. Ulf Broda on Secure Email

Aurum Ceramic/Classic Dental Laboratories

"Secure-Mail is the easiest way to share patient information. It works just like email, but it is compliant. I especially like how easy it is to send multiple high resolution photos at the same time."