Webinar: 5 Steps to Improve Your Next Dental Restoration

Join Dr. Lorne Lavine and special guests Mr. Ulf Broda RDT, CDT and Mr. Rohit Joshi, LL.B. as they discuss "5 Steps to Improve Your Next Dental Restoration". The way you collaborate with your dental lab will impact the quality and production time for your patient's case. Learn effective communication techniques to ensure consistent high quality restorations.

  • How clear communication with your lab will improve case turn-around times and patient satisfaction
  • Simplifying complex cases to get the best results
  • Explore your options for safe communication channels and get clear answers to your questions on HIPAA, HITECH and PIPEDA legislation

To learn how to get your free CE credits please call 1-800-238-6503 or submit our contact form.

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  1. What to Send - Taking the Right Photo
    • AACD Photo Series - guideline
    • Clearmatch for shading available from Aurum Ceramic
    • Symmetry bite or stickbite
    • High Resolution Photos
  2. How to Send it - Doctor-Patient Confidentiality

    Sending Protected Health Information (PHI) to your lab while maintaining HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance.

  3. Collaboration - Image Annotation

    Clarify communication and improve patient satisfaction.

  4. Approval - 3D Imagery

    See your case before it comes in the mail with 3d image viewers on Brightsquid.

  5. Optimization - Study clubs

    Connect with your lab through Brightsquid Study Clubs.

  1. Is a patient's name considered Protected Health Information?

    Yes. Your patient's name is considered Protected Health Information (PHI) and should be properly safeguarded. PHI includes any information related to your patient's past, present or future health/medical records or payment history. Under HIPAA law there are 18 identifiers: patient names, geographical identifiers (smaller than state), dates (other than year), phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, Social Security Numbers, medical record numbers, health insurance beneficiary numbers, account numbers, certificate or licence numbers, vehicle identifiers, device identifiers, web addresses (URLs), internet protocol (IP) address numbers, biometric identifiers, photographs of patient's face as well as any other unique or identifying characteristic, code or number. For more information please visit the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

  2. How do patient privacy rules effect dental labs?

    Dental labs should safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI) within their office and during collaboration and exchange of information. These steps can include removing patient names form shipping packages and using Secure-Mail™ to protect sensitive patient information. For more information on protecting your lab with Brightsquid, please visit our page dedicated to dental laboratories: "Brightsquid For Labs"

  3. When a lab/dentist are communicating by adding annotations to pictures in real time, are these annotations saved for future reference?

    Once an annotation is added on Brightsquid, it is immediately available to all recipients who share the image. These annotations are also saved for future reference, and users can toggle the annotations to appear and disappear as needed.

  4. Can Ulf from Aurum Ceramic visit my study club?

    Yes. It will of course depend on location and availability, but all of the technicians at Aurum are happy to visit your study club or office.

  5. Does Aurum Ceramic work with dentists in California?

    Absolutely! Aurum has laboratory locations and supply companies throughout North America. For more information please visit Aurum's website.

  6. If I want to send a case to Ulf, how do I get started?

    Please email contact@brightsquid.com with your first and last name. We will then send you a new account package from Aurum Ceramic/Classic and Secure-Mail™ account information. We will provide you with everything you need to send a case to Ulf or any Aurum technician.

  7. Does Aurum Ceramic provide a guarantee on their work?

    Yes! All guarantee and warranty information is listed their website: aurumgroup.com

  8. How do you maintain consistency at such a large lab?

    Aurum Ceramic/Classic is dedicated to quality in everything they do — from mandating that every technician must wear Loops and employ magnification when working at the bench to investing in comprehensive Quality Systems evaluation and compliance. Nowhere is this more evident than in Aurum Ceramic/Classic achieving DAMAS and ISO 9001:2000 certification for all of its laboratories across North America. Developed by the Dental Laboratories Association, DAMAS (Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme) is a sophisticated quality management and production system for laboratories. Essentially an independent assessment carried out by an external Certification Body, DAMAS ensures consistent quality and high standards that satisfy Food & Drug Administration requirements for Good Manufacturing Processes. With DAMAS, everyone benefits! The laboratory has reliable quality procedures, improved controls and enhanced traceability...our dentist clients can be confident that Aurum Ceramic/Classic is adhering to all regulations relating to labwork and the production of dental appliances...and patients have the reassurance of excellent quality craftsmanship.

  9. What is the case turnaround time at Aurum?

    It will depend on type of case sent to the lab. Aurum understands how important timing is, and are dedicated to consistent quality restorations. For specific timing for your case, for a special order or rush situation, please contact Aurum at 1-800-661-1169

  10. Does Aurum use ADA approved materials?

    Yes. Aurum Ceramic uses ADA approved materials.

  11. Can I visit the lab at Aurum?

    Yes. Aurum hosts open house events at their lab located in Calgary, Alberta Canada. You are welcome to attend dinner presentations and tours of thier modern facility where you can see how utilizing the best in class technology can help you improve patient care and become more profitable. This is NOT your typical dental lab! There is NO cost for the presentations and all dentists are welcome. To register please contact Aurum at 1-800-363-3989.

  12. Can I talk with a technician, like Ulf about my case?

    It is our belief that any company must be people-oriented to achieve excellence. Our customer service and technical experts are always available by telephone at 1-800-661-1169.

  13. What products does Aurum Ceramic offer?

    Whether you need Aesthetic Veneers or Inlays/Onlays; All-Ceramic Crowns and Bridges; PFMs; Full and Partial Dentures; Cast Partials; Implant-Based Prostheses; Orthodontic Appliances; Mouthguards; Study Models; Dental Consumable Products or Fixed Orthodontic Supplies, The Aurum Group sets the platinum standard for outstanding products and results.