Webinar: Expert Panel Webinar: What Every Dentist Should Know About the Cloud

In this unique webinar, a panel of cloud experts will openly discuss the advantages and benefits of the cloud and what pitfalls to avoid. There may be some minor disagreements among the experts, but they'll all readily agree the cloud is today's standard platform.

What you'll learn:

  • What benefits the cloud brings to the dental practice and how to get there
  • Why the cloud is a natural fit for collaboration between your practice and specialists
  • How the cloud will impact internal processes and save you time and money
  • How to work with your IT pro to move to the cloud
  • How the cloud is impacted by HIPAA and other privacy legislation

Meet the Panel:

Rohit Joshi, CEO of Brightsquid Dental Ltd., a web-based dental collaboration platform that centralizes communication between dentists, specialists and dental labs.

Andy Jensen, CMO of Curve Dental, Inc., the leading developer of web-based dental software in the US and Canada.

Darci Wingard, Business Development Manager at DemandForce, a provider of web-based patient communication and marketing services.

Dan Edwards, President/CEO of Pact-One, one of the largest IT companies in the US dedicated to the needs of the dental professional.

Professionally moderated by Mark Eyre.

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