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HIPAA Patient Privacy Materials

Download these marketing materials to let your patients know your commitment to their privacy and introduce them to your new Secure-Mail™ service.

Download the Full HIPAA Patient Privacy Package

Click Here to Download the Full HIPAA Patient Privacy Package

The following documents are included in the package:

Patient Privacy Brochure

We created this brochure as a way to help your patients understand that your practice is committed to the privacy of their records. Feel free to have copies of this brochure available to your patients in your waiting room.

Download the Brochure Now

Patient Privacy Table Top Poster

We recommend that you print this poster and place it on your front reception desk. This will introduce your patients to your Secure-Mail™ service and remind them to request their account.

Download the Poster Now

Patient Invitation Card

Provide your patient with this card as they leave your practice. This way they will remember their account information and can use it to recommend your practice to their friends and family.

Download the Card Now
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