Thursday, February 21, 2019
Read Receipts Improve Accountability and Reliability for Healthcare Teams

You’ve been forced to rely on the insufficient word of robots for too long, and it’s putting your practice and patients in jeopardy. All you know from fax success messages is that a machine has received the document you sent. There’s no guarantee it was printed out and picked up, or delivered to the proper efax folder.

Now, you no longer have to live in a world where no response is erroneously accepted as shorthand for “everything’s fine”. The Read Receipts built into Brightsquid Secure-Mail provide you with newfound assurance your message has been seen by your intended recipient(s).

Fax machines get in the way of good care:

We’ve all heard or experienced the horror stories: The fax machine sends an A-OK, but fails to deliver the message into human hands. Care gets dangerously delayed or worse. Following up on every faxed referral (faxing referrals is another story altogether) is the only way to know for sure your message hit its mark, but who has that kind of time?

Even the act of sending a fax is labour intensive. When else in the modern world do you hear a busy signal? How many faxes to you have to reattempt because of one failure or another? Fax adds effort to already overstuffed clinic workloads.

Modern communication accelerates care:

With Brightsquid Secure-Mail, you can securely and efficiently share patient information, test results, treatment plans, appointment reminders, referral requests, insurance claims and more. Plus, our read receipt feature lets you see when intended recipients see each message you send.

Referrals sent using Secure-Mail don’t have to wait for an acknowledgement from the other end. You get it when they open your message.

Read receipts create clinic workflow efficiencies and benefit patient outcomes in the following ways:

• Read receipts eliminate guesswork and assumptions from clinical communications
• Read receipts eliminate time spent on the phone following up.
• Read receipts hold collaborating clinics accountable for lapses in communication and confirm that the correct person has received your message on the other end.
• You’ll see when patients open treatment plan instructions and reminders, appointment changes and notifications, lab results, prescription renewals and more so that you only need to follow up with those that have not viewed your message.

Brightsquid built message read receipts in collaboration with input from our users for accountability and reliability in healthcare messaging and to give you clinical communication tools much mightier than the fax.

To see message read receipts in action, select any message in your sent folder. A green check beside a recipient means they’ve seen your message. Hover over each recipient to know when your message was viewed.

Secure-Mail read receipt

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