Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Package

Protect your practice with a full Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), on-call compliance consulting, privacy training, and Secure-Mail

Innovation in technology has brought about changes in regulations meant to address new risks to the confidentiality of private patient information. Our team of privacy compliance experts will examine every aspect of how patient information is managed in your clinic and develop policies and procedures to establish reasonable measures to protect your clinic against privacy breaches.

Setup Fee: $4,531

Recurring Fee (Yearly) $999

Cyber Insurance (Yearly)
• Incident Response Costs
• Legal and Regulatory Costs
• IT Security and Forensic Costs
• Crisis Communication Costs
• Privacy Breach Management Costs
• Funds Transfer Fraud CAD 250,000
• System Damage and Rectification Costs
• System Business Interruption
• Consequential Reputational Harm
• Loss Adjustment Costs
• Network Security Liability
• Privacy Liability

Todays Total $6,530

then $1,999 at first renewal date

Checkout With Insurance

Setup Fee: $4,531

Recurring Fee (Yearly) $999


Todays Total $5,530

then $999 at first renewal date

Checkout without insurance

Your Brightsquid Privacy Impact Assessment includes ongoing support and Secure-Mail

Your protection plan starts as soon as you subscribe

Any clinic anywhere can and should complete a PIA