DENTAL Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Package

Protect your practice with a full Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), on-call compliance consulting, privacy training, and Secure-Mail

Dental clinics have uniquely complex privacy concerns. The technology deployed in dentistry requires additional understanding only properly gained through very specific experience. Brightsquid has completed Privacy Impact Assessments for more than half the dental clinics in Alberta, including national DSOs that rely on our expertise to ensure compliance for business continuity.

Innovation in technology requires changes in regulations to address new risks to the confidentiality of private patient information. Our team of privacy compliance experts will examine every aspect of how patient information is managed in your clinic. Then, we’ll develop policies and procedures to mitigate the risks of breach and align your clinic with the privacy laws in your jurisdiction. 

Privacy Impact Assessment Package:

Brightsquid Privacy Support services are delivered through a monthly subscription. Privacy Impact assessment packages are 12 month service agreements that keep your practice protected for the whole year. 

Monthly Fee (12 months) $375

$99 per month after 12 months (Optional)

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Any clinic anywhere can and should complete a PIA