CHIROPRACTIC - Privacy Impact Assessment Package

Protect your practice with a full Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), on-call compliance consulting, privacy compliance and breach prevention training, and Secure-Mail

Chiropractic clinics have an important duty to fully protect the privacy of patient information in their care. The Brightsquid Privacy Support Team has completed Privacy Impact Assessments for thousands of medical practices and healthcare facilities in Alberta.

The patient privacy landscape in Alberta is changing rapidly. New program enrolment (such as Netcare) requires specific updates, and your clinic must have a policy for reporting privacy breaches. It is important you manage on-going changes to your privacy management system. 

Our team of privacy experts will examine every aspect of how patient information is collected, used, and disclosed in your clinic. Then, we’ll develop policies and procedures to mitigate the risks of breach and align your clinic with the privacy laws in your jurisdiction.

Privacy Impact Assessment Package Pricing:

Brightsquid Privacy Support services are delivered through a monthly subscription. Privacy Impact assessment packages are 12 month service agreements that keep your practice protected for the whole year. 

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