Clinic optimization for specialists

Build custom workflow automations around your private specialist clinic to optimize patient management with faster, more accessible secure communication.

"Working with Brightsquid to automate our intake workflows we’re now able to assess new cases in days rather than months. Critical patients move through our clinic much more quickly. We get immediate and 100% accurate view of caseload completion and progress."

- Dr. Mark Lewis,
Caleo Health

Increase clinic capabilities

With Brightsquid, you can implement an end-to-end automated case management solution using online administrator and physician forms, auto-generated pdf reports and automatically-routed mail-merged email messages for patients, practitioners, and clinic administrators.

  • Expedite referral management - Take in more referrals from more physicians.
  • Increase patient engagement in managing their own healthcare - Improve treatment plan compliance with regular secure reminder messages that can actually include treatment details.
  • Immediate and 100% accurate view of caseload and completion progress.
  • Easily invite collaborators to share protected health information with other healthcare providers, lawyers, insurance companies and more.

Measurable benefits

By automating your clinic workflows around Brightsquid Secure-Mail, you create impactful efficiencies built around existing processes.

  • Automatic referral receipt confirmation reduces need for clinic to clinic phone calls
  • 90% faster referral qualification
  • 77% reduction in time to book an appointment after receiving referral
  • Prioritize referrals to expedite care

How to optimize with Brightsquid

Brightsquid focuses on specialist clinic automation projects one at a time. We work closely with clinic management and staff to build custom workflow automations that enhance and streamline operations with tangible efficiencies.

Bring us your goals and your processes, and we’ll collaborate on designing and developing the tools to take your clinic to the next level of patient management, growth, and profitability.