Secure email for your dental clinic

Brightsquid Secure-Mail is the trusted leader in secure communication, providing HIPAA compliant e-Mail for your practice to eliminate time wasted mailing and faxing patient records and deliver real efficiencies to your office.

HIPAA compliant email for Dentrix users

  • Send from patient file
  • Auto-save message details to Patient Journal

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"We have a need to share patient data safely, which Brightsquid absolutely does 100%. It also offers great potential to grow our Clear Braces business by giving us more time to see and manage patients."

- Dr. Eoin O'Neil , Clear Braces

Exchange patient information securely and legally
Use Brightsquid Secure-Mail.

Your practice has a legal and ethical obligation to share protected health information securely. You can meet those obligations with Brightsquid Secure-Mail, the trusted leader in secure, HIPAA compliant, communication.

  • HIPAA and PIPEDA Compliant
  • Works with your existing e-Mail address
  • 500MB Attachments

Communicate with patients securely
With Brightsquid's Secure Patient Communication.

Show your commitment to the privacy and accuracy of your patient's sensitive information. Send protected health information directly to your patient's current e-Mail address through Brightsquid Secure-Mail.

Share patient information from anywhere

Access Secure-Mail from your phone, tablet or laptop in or out of the office. Get the security protection you need with remote access to your practice communications.

Send files too big for e-Mail

Share high resolutions photos, x-rays and CBCT scans in one convenient message. Each attachment you send through Secure-Mail can be 500MB in size. That’s 25X your regular e-Mail attachment size. You’ll never worry about attachment size or file storage sites again.

Proudly Providing ACP Members with Brightsquid Secure-Mail

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