Secure-Mail is critical to continuity of care through your Covid-19 response.

Secure-Mail is secure medical-grade email-like service you can use to communicate with patients and other providers. It's as easy to use as email, so patients and staff pick it up right away.

Virtual care is one important way physicians can maintain continuity of care for their patients while ensuring the safety of the patient, the physician, and staff during the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s why all medical clinics in Canada are now able to use the full capabilities of Brightsquid Secure-Mail for free until July 31.

Any patient can be invited to communicate remotely with your clinic to maintain continuity of care. Patient concerns that don’t require an office visit can receive appropriate care using Secure-Mail in less time with reduced social interaction. 

You can also use medical-grade Secure-Mail to communicate with other clinics and providers. Clinicians and staff rate Secure-Mail as the fastest way to communicate with other clinics. And staff say it's easier than fax and mail.

"We invite all our patients to use Secure-Mail. They are very respectful of physician time and availability."

- Dr. Michael Giuffre

“We attribute part of our improvement in staff retention to using Secure-Mail."

- Crowfoot Village Family Practice