API access to the Brightsquid compliant communication service saves years and millions of dollars so you can start making healthcare better sooner.


Healthcare is a complicated space. Regulations limit the speed with which you can deliver innovations on your own. Instantly add compliance to your digital health applications with the Brightsquid API so that you can safely share and store protected patient information.

Brightsquid is compliant with HIPAA, PIPEDA, and HIA regulations to ensure patient information is protected to the letter of the law. Our service is audited regularly by third parties to ensure continued compliance in the US and Canada.



Top-level data encryption in transit and at rest
Access audit logs
Compliant storage and data destruction
Canadian data storage
Malware protectionre.


Customized interfaces built on the Brightsquid compliant communications platform boost productivity and capacity to treat patients with more precision. These case studies detail some of what’s possible building on our platform.


Accelerate Care with patient engagement

Caleo Health needed to manage the 5,000 referrals they receive each year more effectively. A patient intake service was built on top of the Brightsquid compliant communications platform to engage the patient much sooner in the referral process and collect necessary information up front. The service provides internal reporting metrics that help refine the process and deliver greater visibility into status reports.

Since implementing the service, Caleo has shortened the time it takes to deliver a specialist opinion by 92%. More than 20% of referrals are now redirected to a better fit practitioner without delay.

Caleo continues to further their use of Brightsquid, refining the initial application and implementing additional compliant communication workflows to enhance clinic productivity.


Streamline coordination of care

Total SkinCare wanted to streamline the referral process to focus on their dermatological specialty. An application built on the compliant Brightsquid platform allows general practitioners to safely capture images of a concerning lesion, include patient data, and automatically send an econsult request to Total SkinCare using an iPhone. With all the necessary information, Total SkinCare can quickly triage or redirect cases to ensure patients are seen in a timely manner.