Clinic Performance Package


Improve clinic well-being by increasing staff, clinician, and patient satisfaction while you protect against privacy breaches.

The Brightsquid Clinic Performance Package bundles services clinics use to help staff be more productive, clinicians be more effective, operations run more efficiently, and patients be more engaged in their care. 

Included in the package:

Brightsquid Secure-Mail Accounts for One Clinician and 4 staff:

Secure-Mail is a secure and compliant messaging service built for healthcare that connects the entire circle of care for enhanced information exchange and optimized patient outcomes.

  • Shared clinic inbox
  • Personal inboxes
  • Tiered administrative control
  • Read receipts
  • Message recall
  • Custom message templates
  • Unlimited patient invites (with mass patient invite support)
  • Unlimited professional invites
  • Unlimited privacy compliant file storage
  • 500MB attachments (enough to send any diagnostic imaging file at full resolution)

Panel Messaging:

When your clinic wants to communicate the same message to many patients, mail or phone is the labour intensive default. Brightsquid Secure Panel Messaging is a tool clinics use to quickly and easily send required information to a large volume of recipients in a matter of minutes.

  • Send one notification to up to 500 recipients at once
  • Notify of changes to clinic policies
  • Screen a panel of patients to ensure they are receiving all the care they need
  • Address changes to clinic scope
  • Inform patients of new services offered
  • Send vacation notices
  • Vaccination reminders
  • Health information for chronic care patients
  • Engage patients for attachment and continuity

Clinic Operations Optimization Support: 

Brightsquid understands how to achieve operational efficiencies that improve clinic well-being. We have worked with tens of thousands of healthcare clinics across North America to exchange over 4 MILLION secure messages and more than 6 MILLION file attachments for every reason you can think of. 

We have studied Secure-Mail workflows to determine greatest impact and share that information so subscribers can implement simple programs for clinic performance optimization.

  • Improve staff satisfaction with more rewarding and productive tasks that eliminate over 10 hours of wasted time every month. You can also cut phone time by 30% or more. Staff retention has been shown to improve almost 10%.
  • Increase clinician satisfaction by focusing their time on the most impactful use of their expertise, eliminating data entry, and optimizing the value of every appointment. Clinicians have been able to see twice as many patients in a day without impacting care or increasing hours.
  • Engage patients as contributors to effective appointments by providing communication tools that enable participation. 80% of patients are willing to switch clinics for more convenient access. Become the most convenient option for your patients.
  • Eliminate unnecessary administrative and consumable expenses. 
    • Eliminate mail to cut stamp, paper, and postage costs
    • Remove low value tasks from staff responsibilities and refocus them on capacity optimization
    • Replace repetitive tasks with automation
    • Make more productive use of your clinic space

Privacy Breach Prevention Training:

Healthcare is the industry most targeted by organized cyber criminals, three times more often than financial institutions. The patient data in your care is now worth up to $250/patient record. The number of attacks on healthcare organizations grew by 94% in 2021.

With mandatory breach reporting laws in Canada and the US, clinic sustainability can be irreparably damaged after suffering a privacy breach. The team of accredited privacy experts at Brightsquid have created a privacy breach prevention training course to equip everyone in your clinic to avoid privacy breaches and keep them from getting in the way of providing high quality care.
  • Breach scenarios recognition training
  • Cyber awareness training
  • Certification for display to clinic patients and visitors
  • Administrative training auditability
  • Training reminders at hire and annually

    Join the connected healthcare community working smarter. Optimize your clinic operations to get the most impact out of every appointment for only $57.49/month/clinician account. 

    Learn more about how clinics work with Brightsquid to be the best they can be in our Clinic Optimization Tips section.