Practice better quality care

Build custom workflow automations around your clinic to optimize patient management with faster, more accessible secure communication.

Create clinical efficiency

Maximize productivity, accelerate treatment, and even add billable services with advanced Medical-grade Messaging.

You’ll see that refined ease-of-use and free access for everyone you invite makes safely sharing patient information one of your greatest clinical assets.

What Doctors Say about BRIGHTSQUID
Dr. Norman Yee,
"We've taken existing clinic workflows and incorporated a modern communication platform to create efficiency and improve access and outcomes."
Dr. Scott Wilson,
"We can do a better job of coordinating care. That leads to more efficiency, streamlined practice, less overuse of the system, and a better relationship with our patients."
Dr. M Giuffre,Pediatric Cardiologist, Member of Canadian Medical Association Board of Directors
"We can deliver safer, better quality care using Brightsquid. The perfect tool for effectively coordinating care."

Spend less clinic staff time on the phone:

Clinics using Brightsquid to communicate with just 25% of patients have reduced their call volume by 17%, and are spending an hour less a day on the phone.

Eliminating duplicate work:

As many as 50% of faxed referrals don’t go through on the first try and need to be resent. Sending patient information via Secure Health Exchange guarantees delivery the first time.

Focus clinic time where it is needed most:

Address minor patient issues remotely in less time so that in-office visits are reserved for your most involved patients.


Treat non-urgent cases remotely:

Many patient issues can be addressed without requiring an office visit. These cases typically require less time, freeing exam room time for more critical concerns.

See urgent cases more quickly:

By addressing non-urgent cases remotely, you make more in office visit time available for urgent cases. Wait times are reduced and your patients get better sooner.

Validate or revisit treatment plans between visits:

Send patients follow-up messages rather than waiting for the next appointment (or repeatedly trying to reach them by phone) to remind, or measure effectiveness, of treatment plans.

Use With any EMR

Whichever EMR you use, Brightsquid can quickly receive exported information for secure transmission to patients or practitioners. It doesn’t matter which EMR is at the receiving end, so your options for collaboration aren’t restricted by proprietary infrastructure. Downloading and saving received files to a patient’s record takes only a few seconds.

Add Billable Services

In Alberta, and a few other provinces, addressing patient concerns through a secure email or messaging platform like Brightsquid is a billable service. Using Brightsquid, you can improve clinical productivity and offset your monthly subscription with just 2 qualifying messages to patients.

Accelerate care with the versatility and
convenience of modern communication:
  • Share results
  • Send lab requisitions
  • Address concerns remotely
  • Coordinate team care
  • Request consults
  • Consolidate records
  • Increase treatment adherence
  • Acquire patient feedback
  • Aquire pre-appointment patient questionnaires
  • Send and receive satisfaction surveys
  • Send detailed appointment reminders
Compare Brightsquid Secure Medical-Grade Messaging

Direct Patient Messaging – Communicate results, plans, and treatments via secure messaging to give patients more ownership of their healthcare. As a result, patients are happier and more likely to comply with treatment plans.

Free Collaborator Access – Every patient, practice, and physician you invite to use Secure-Mail with you has free unlimited access to Secure Health Exchange.

Top-level Security – Your data is protected by a security system that complies with the most strict privacy protection regulations in the world.

True Canadian Privacy Compliance – Encryption is only one component of protecting patient privacy. How and where information is stored, data access tracked, and transactions archived is also required. Brightsquid is certified compliant all requirements of Canadian law.

Just Like Email – You, your staff and your patients will be instantly comfortable on the Secure-Mail interface. It was designed to look, feel, and function just like the most popular email platforms. Users keep existing email addresses and receive new message notifications right in their standard email inbox.

Proven Platform – You are not a test subject. The Brightsquid platform has been adopted by tens of thousands of healthcare professionals around the world. Compliance is verified by annual third-party audits. Functionality and usability have been optimized by use in thousands of clinics.

Live Expert Support – In the event you have questions about your account, or your patients or colleagues need help getting started, our support team is available to help via phone, chat, or email.

Attach Anything – You can upload 500MB in file attachments with each message. Attach lab results or full radiology reports in one message without degrading image quality.

Controlled Access Anywhere – Login to confidentially review and send secure messages from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Advanced security tracks and logs all message access for optimum privacy protection.