Wednesday, February 27, 2019
Keep Staff Privacy Compliant with Brightsquid’s Privacy Training

Brightsquid has been helping healthcare providers across North America Axe the Fax in compliance with privacy regulations by upgrading to Secure-Mail since 2009. Now, Brightsquid has trained over 175 clinics in privacy compliance in Alberta.

Here’s how you can educate your staff to recognize potential breaches before they happen and avoid them altogether.

The traditional strategy for dealing with the privacy risks associated with digital technology in healthcare is to avoid innovation. Patient’s deserve and demand better access to improved and less costly care only afforded by the adoption of modern tech. Plus, clinic owners across the country are making the switch to eliminate disruptions to care and workflow inefficiencies we’ve all put up with for too long.

Now clinics can adopt new technology without fear of privacy breaches.

Our Privacy Compliance Training teaches clinicians and staff the key principles of relevant regulations and how to protect clinics from suffering a breach. The Brightsquid privacy team has over three decades of experience helping clinics comply with privacy regulations. Brightsquid privacy training sessions, led by Training Manager Pooja Kama, help you and your staff understand your responsibilities and the requirements that govern the policies and procedures within your clinic.

Originally from Mumbai, India, Pooja brings over six years of experience training professionals across every level of business on a variety of subjects, from technical to behavioural. With a Masters in Psychotherapy & Counseling, Pooja has a unique ability to understand the various layers and dimensions in people, and her training experiences are designed to leave a lasting impression on participants, motivating attendees to immediately start implementing the knowledge gained into practice.

“While I consider books as a great source of knowledge, learning by observing people is my source of wisdom,” Pooja says. “I have always believed that we remember the teachers fondly who make learning interesting, and that is precisely what excites me about my work.”

Join the clinics that trust Brightsquid to keep them compliant.

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