Monday, February 11, 2019
Fax vs Secure-Mail: a Comparison for Healthcare Professionals

In our last article, we asked you for your thoughts on whether the fax machine has a place in modern healthcare. To answer this question, let’s take a closer look at legacy fax machines and the modern alternative: Secure-Mail.

Think fax machines are compliant? Rarely.

If you were to look at the fax procedures in your clinic, you’d likely discover that you’re falling short of compliance in at least a few ways. The guidelines for compliant fax machine use in healthcare are cumbersome, time-consuming, and costly, which can result in staff cutting corners and ignoring compliant processes. Ultimately, leaving you and your clinic more susceptible to a data breach, and more vulnerable in the face of an audit from regulators.

Think about it. Have you or your staff ever…

  • – Left paper faxes unattended?
  • – Sent a fax to the wrong number?
  • – Failed to call and verify that the fax was received?
  • – Failed to call and verify the fax number is correct before sending?
  • – Failed to call and verify that someone is standing by ready to receive the fax?
  • – Sent sensitive information by fax without a cover page?
  • – Sent a fax that was not password protected?
  • – Allowed an unauthorized person to send or receive a fax?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re putting your patients and clinic at risk.

Think fax machines are secure? Think again.

The fax machine should not be overlooked when it comes to cybersecurity risks. Thanks to Check Point’s research dubbed ‘Faxploit,’ we now know that fax machines are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Hackers can infiltrate and exploit your systems through your fax machine, needing nothing more than your fax number.

Check Point’s research shows that fax machines are more than outdated. They pose a critical security risk for clinic owners and the patients they serve.

Think fax machines are saving your clinic time and money? Not a chance.

Most industries have already abandoned the fax machine, and for good reason. Fax machines hinder productivity and disrupt clinic workflow. If your only other option is snail mail, then yes faxing may be faster, but with all of the other digital communication tools available today, going through the motions of sending a fax is highly inefficient.

Consider all of the steps it takes to send a fax: Type your message, print it off, make your way to the printer, load your message into your machine, enter in the phone number, double-check the phone number, press send, wait, call to confirm that the fax was received, send again if necessary, send again if necessary, send again if necessary, destroy the printed copy, etc.

The Future of Healthcare Communications: Secure-Mail

So, you tell us, does the fax machine have a place in modern healthcare? The clear answer is no. The fax played its part, but it’s time to retire.

Brightsquid Secure-Mail is leading the way in enabling fast, modern communication between all members of healthcare teams, including patients. Secure-Mail looks and acts just like email, but with the added benefits of strict privacy compliance, providing read receipts that show you when patients open appointment and treatment reminders, and when referrals have been received by the intended recipient, all while blocking malicious software and cyberthreats like ransomware.

If you’re ready to improve workflow efficiencies, modernize your communications technology, and strengthen patient relationships at your clinic, join the global movement to Axe the Fax! Contact us today to learn how we can help you switch out your fax machine for Secure-Mail today.

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