More efficient healthcare

8 months into a practical trial of Brightsquid’s Medical-Grade Messaging service, one clinic has recorded significant process improvements and major efficiencies in the delivery of care.

Implementing Secure Health Exchange has streamlined interactions with patients, labs, and other clinics, while improving patient compliance and strengthening the clinic’s patient centered approach.

Results of trial implementation.

  • 17% reduction in the volume of phone calls with just 25% of patients using Secure Health Exchange.
  • Phone calls are on average 45 seconds shorter.
  • 10% of patient touches are now conducted using Brightsquid Secure Health exchange.

“Brightsquid allows us to be more effective in how we manage incoming requests,” said clinic director, Shauna Wilkinson. “Staff can look up any needed info and take time to craft an appropriate response which can mean less time invested in an inquiry and certainly fewer back and forth interactions.”

Improved patient control:

The clinic now sends patients a secure record of their visit and the information that was covered. Patients are better informed regarding their health, more compliant with treatment plans, and able to be more active in their own care – a benefit that reduces strain on the entire healthcare system.


Reducing phone time refocuses staff productivity and improves the patient experience because the phone lines are more open. Ms. Wilkinson explains that, “This is great for patients trying to get through on the phone lines because the wait is significantly reduced.”