March 08, 2021 2 min read

Monthly Messages: 2,133

Total Patient Invites: 1,197

Patients Invited Monthly: 227

Before Secure-Mail, Riley Park Maternity clinics (all 5 of them) were attempting COVID-19 screening over the phone. They could not risk a patient identifying as symptomatic during an in-person screening at the time of their appointment. Program Manager, Christine Beckie, said it was time consuming and unsustainable.

With over 800 patients seen each week, Riley Park Maternity Clinics needed to streamline the COVID-19 screening process. Staff were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of first call attempts and many calls went unanswered, adding countless games of phone tag to each day. 

Secure-Mail saved staff precious time 

When Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network began implementing Secure-Mail at member clinics, Christine saw it as an opportunity to upgrade their COVID-19 screening process. 

The team created a COVID-19 screening questionnaire template that can be pasted into a Secure-Mail message that can be addressed to multiple patients. By design, Secure-Mail does not show patients any other patient recipients on the message. All patients with appointments the next day could safely be sent the questionnaire with one click of the send button.

To make the process even easier for staff and patients, Christine and her team added direction at the top of the questionnaire that told patients to call and reschedule if they answered yes to any questions. Patients that answered all nos only had to show up at their appointment. 

Read Receipts showed staff if a patient had read the questionnaire prior to their appointment. If they had not read the questionnaire message, staff could resend it or place a phone call. 

Secure-Mail supports clinic safety

Since they’re a prenatal clinic, the care for patients had to continue when COVID-19 hit. Doctors really need to see expectant mothers in-person. Sending questionnaires through Secure-Mail allowed the clinics to get critical screening done to maintain patient, staff, and clinician safely. 

Every Secure-Mail account now has a pre-saved COVID-19 screening questionnaire listed in their templates. Simply click “Compose” and select the template from the dropdown list next to the send button. You can even customize the template for your clinic in your account Settings.

Watch this tutorial for more information on how Secure-Mail templates work: