January 28, 2021 2 min read

Patients invited: 6,957

Messages sent: 8,000+

Every new patient at Providence Pediatric Cardiology (or their parent) is invited to Brightsquid Secure-Mail as soon as they check in at reception. The clinic and its physicians use Secure-Mail to ensure all the right information is where it needs to be when it needs to be there. And because it is a direct to patient form of communication, doctors know nothing is lost in translation.

Clinic Manager, Colleen Bole, says, “It’s actually quite an attractive feature for patients because it gives them better access to the children’s results.Most people are happy to sign up.”

Answers, advice, and updates direct to patient.

The clinic uses Secure-Mail to send test results and respond to patient questions without the need to align schedules. When doctors make a change to a prescription or care plan, they can message patients directly. Colleen explains, “Our doctors log on to Brightsquid even when they’re not in the office to respond to questions. It takes out the middleman and helps ensure no possibility of an error in dosage.”

Help patients help your clinic be more efficient.

Using Secure-Mail with every patient has helped Providence Pediatric Cardiology be more efficient with their time. “It’s made a big difference in fielding phone calls,” admits Colleen. “The questions we get from patients through Secure-Mail would otherwise be phone calls that would then be messages staff have to relay to our doctors. To respond, doctors would have to send a reply back through staff or have them schedule time for a call or appointment with the patient.” 

Completing all required communication with zero phone tag or scheduling required expedites the flow of information and quickly eases any concerns patients might have. On top of that, Colleen says the clinic saves on postage, paper, toner, and admin time. It’s a win, win, win.