what our subscribers say
Michelle – Spring Valley
“Brightsquid Secure-Mail is super easy to use!”
Michael Lasky – Dental Technician
“We’ve greatly improved the process of receiving files and sharing our plans using Brightsquid Secure-Mail. I can trim days off turn around.”
Cate Campkin – Clinic Manager
“I was amazed at how little Brightsquid is charging. If you compare it to the cost of the fines we all know are coming, there’s no saying no.”
Dr. Norman Yee
"We've taken existing clinic workflows and incorporated a modern communication platform to create efficiency and improve access and outcomes."
Dr. Scott Wilson
"We can do a better job of coordinating care. That leads to more efficiency, streamlined practice, less overuse of the system, and a better relationship with our patients."
Dr. M Giuffre
Role : Pediatric Cardiologist, Member of Canadian Medical Association Board of Directors
"We can deliver safer, better quality care using Brightsquid. The perfect tool for effectively coordinating care."
Dr. Mark Lewis
Role : Director of Operations, Caleo Health
"Brightsquid technology has accelerated our treatment efficiency so that we can help our patients feel better much sooner."
Dr. Barry R. Franzen
Role : DDS on Secure Communication Using Brightsquid
"Brightsquid has been an indispensable addition to our communication methods with our referrals. keeping all members of the implant team on the same page is critical for predictable outcomes."
Dr. Russell K. Kirk
Role : Doctor to Specialist Communication in Dentistry
"We needed to provide our referring doctors with a secure and easy way to send x-ray and referral information. Brightsquid Secure-Mail protects our patient's sensitive information and simplifies the referring process."