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HIPAA Compliance & Communication
Secure communication is healthy

Team-based healthcare that includes the patient delivers better results. When everyone involved in a patient’s care can safely share results and expertise with greater visibility, health goals are achieved much more quickly.

Get your life back

Improved health is just one of the benefits of using Secure-Mail. The Conference Board of Canada reports that by communicating test results and delivering prescription renewals electronically, Canadians would avoid 47 million in-person doctor visits per year and get 70 million hours of their lives back – That’s almost 3 million days a year!

Secure-Mail Features
Strict privacy compliance

Use your existing e-Mail address to communicate with patients and colleagues in a compliant way. Protect the integrity of your patients’ sensitive information with:

  • – Servers regularly audited for regulatory standards
  • – Top-level encryption
  • – Automated back ups
  • – Documented activity logs
Save 27 minutes every day

Eliminate fax, cancel your couriers, and put an end to the phone chase. Use Secure-Mail you can communicate directly with patients, specialists, allied practitioners, and even insurance companies. The workflow efficiencies you’ll create are scientifically proven to put at least 27 minutes back in your clinical day.

Trackable patient communications

See when patients open appointment and treatment reminders, and when referrals have been received. All communications are saved for 10 years so that with every message you create a record that is compliant with privacy regulations.

Intelligent referral process

By using Secure-Mail to request referrals you can attach records, receive confirmation of receipt, and include patients to provide visibility into the process and reduce calls enquiring about referral status.

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